Increase Your Traffic With Effective SEO Strategies

In order to make the most out of your online business (or business in general), it’s important that you practice a thorough search engine optimization and online marketing process. In order to do this, a lot of people rely on the hire of outsider services, which is completely fine. SEO and online marketing are essentially one in the same, which is why you’re able to “kill two birds with one stone” in so many instances. Not only are we going to talk about what you need to be looking out for (in regards to your SEO and online marketing practices), but we’ll make it so that you can find the most optimal provider easier. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and refers to the techniques you make use of to improve your search rankings.

SEO is the process of ranking your website/pages to appear high up in the search results in your area. We’ll get into that a little more as we move along, but I just felt it was important to let you know the basics before you start reading on. There are a plethora of different traits and features that go into the SEO practice, as well as online marketing; this is a piece of content that should clear the air surrounding both of those terms.


What Are They?

SEO and online marketing are what you go through when it comes to launching a new product, business or even just trying to push a little more popularity your way. When it comes to maintaining a successful financial venture, it’s going to take some pretty serious numbers. This means that you’ll need to put your business/product in front of as many eyes as possible, all while maintaining a certain standard of quality. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, all the way from website optimization, up to social signals and interactions with potential customers (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are perfect examples).

Once you’re capable of understanding both processes at their core, there’s nothing stopping you from dominating the market! It’s always nice to have some professional help on your side, which is why it’s a good idea to consider some third-party solution options. There are tons of SEO companies out there that deliver on promises of quality, as well as affordability but you often end up with broken/empty promises - it’s just a matter of finding the good one for yourself.

Online marketing is the process of promoting a service or brand over the internet, regardless of how you’re implementing the marketing itself. It could be through a plethora of different platforms, locations and even target demographics; there’s a lot of intricate information that goes into the entire online marketing process. Local SEO is the same thing, except it applies specifically to your local clientele (or, potential clientele). When you have a brick and mortar business that relies of foot traffic and people coming in, you have to promote yourself as much as possible.

Online Marketing: What EXACTLY Does Local SEO Achieve?

Local SEO allows you to reach the people closest to your business in the most versatile manner around. This would apply to online marketing in general as well, but locally, SEO makes things a bit more specific. For example, if you’ve got a business located in Ottawa and are in dire need of more business, local Search Engine Optimization would be applied. Not only would you target ranks for your regular keywords, but ones that include local terms as well. In simpler words, local SEO lets you appeal to your neighbours and the surrounding community. They say that you can’t grow without local support first, so it’s nice to start with SEO in your city before expanding out into broader territories.

The perfect example of a local SEO search term would be “best restaurant in Ottawa” for an Ottawa-based eatery, or anything of that nature. It isn’t just localized keywords, though; there’s a bit of optimization that needs to occur both on-page and off-page. In order to break things down quicker, I’m just going to list them off, as that’s going to let you look at some of the most popular terms and processes associated with SEO/online marketing.

Off-Page and On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO - This is the process of improving your SERP rankings, without doing anything to your website as a whole. A lot of people would say that off-page SEO is merely link building (the act of building backlinks on reputable websites, giving your page a boost in the process). There are plenty of other things to consider, though. Some other things that are applied would be social media interactions, as well as social bookmarking. Social platforms like Twitter or Instagram offer up an amazing opportunity to promote your product, and it’d be silly to completely avoid those.

Off-page SEO is very important because it plays a part in the international growth of your business/company. When you have tons of backlinks and social interactions from other websites, people are going to start looking at your page (as well as bookmarking). In most cases, there will even be communities developing that love what you have to offer!

On-Page SEO - This includes many different things, and almost too many to list. From having the names of your pages being in the proper place (and linking to the proper page), all the way to the optimization of the content itself (ensuring the right number of keywords, as well as the proper keywords, are implemented; looking at the size and number count of content, etc.). H1 and H2 headings, User-friendly 404 images, pages that load quickly and top-notch content in all aspects.

Content is one of the most important SEO factors to be considered, so make sure you aren’t skimping out in that regard! The stuff that your users will actually be interacting with needs to be of the highest quality, regardless of your niche or business. You should also be disavowing any links that are broken, or come from “bad sites”.

Why SEO?

Effective SEO helps increase traffic by improving overall visibility in search engines, from non-paid search listings. Have you ever wonder how some businesses are able to dominate the organic searches on the 1st page of Google while your business is nowhere to be found. As a search engine optimization expert we understand your frustration and admit that online marketing can be complicated but rest assured we are here to help. Did you know that 4 out 5 people will look up a business online before visiting it or making a purchase? In Canada more and more people are getting online and businesses need to take advantage of this never ending and growing trend in order to be in front of all these peoples performing searches daily. 

How It Works...with a plan!

  • Website Audit
  • Google My Business Profile and basic social profiles to built trust for your brand.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Citations building (mentions of: name, address, phone#, description in various online directories).
  • Keyword Research based on what's working for others as a good base.
  • On Site Optimization ( we properly setup your website).
  • Off Site Optimization (link building).
  • Monitoring and reporting.

Moving Forward

Search engine optimization is changing all the time, you either adapt or get left behind. Our company uses 2016 best practices to rank you and keep you ranked long term and help you establish your brand. 

We are a Canadian company located in the nation's capital Ottawa and servicing the local business community. Our services are offered in both official languages English and Français. We are looking forward to working together with you and your team.

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